Born in the former USSR but raised a proud citizen of Chicago, Julia Alekseyeva is an illustrator and cartoonist specializing in multi-media drawing. While holding a BA from Columbia University in New York, she has also taken courses at the Art Institute of Chicago for many years, including a masters course taught by the late LeRoy Neiman. Julia has received press from publications such as Reuters, the New York Times, and Bloomberg Business for illustrating the first graphic novel legal brief ever created, written by Bob Kohn and submitted as an amicus brief in USA vs. Apple, and recently included in the 2013 Almanac and Reader for Best Legal Writing. Her first full-length graphic novel, a nonfiction historical memoir entitled Soviet Daughter, was published by Microcosm in January 2017.

While art has always been her great love, so has literature, and, most recently, film. Concurrently with her artistic practice, Julia received a PhD in Comparative Literature from Harvard University, specializing in the avant-garde and film practices in France, Japan, and the former USSR. She has lived in Kiev, Chicago, New York City, Paris, Cambridge, MA, Kanazawa, Japan, and Yokohama, Japan, and currently resides in Brooklyn, NY. She is currently an adjunct professor of Cinema Studies at CUNY Brooklyn College, teaching classes on Russian cinema, Japanese cinema, and documentary film. She has taught both studio drawing courses and classes on the analysis of film, literature, and art at Harvard University, including a course on the history and form of the graphic novel, and a survey of global animation. She is also a freelance copy-editor of English texts and translator of French, Russian, and Japanese, and has translated/subtitled Russian and Japanese films.

To contact Julia about her work, please email jalekseyeva(at)gmail(dot)com. Julia is happy to receive commissions for illustrations, whether for businesses, personal projects, gifts, or publications. Please contact for pricing.

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